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Powerology 3-Port 65w Gan Charger With Pd

Powerology 3-Port 65w Gan Charger With Pd

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Ergonomic design, great value features, and active protection, find them all in the Powerology 65W GaN charger. Two separate type-C ports have been designed in this wall charger which gives you the option to connect more devices at the same time.

Handy design in order easy carrying option. Use all the ports at the same time and let your devices enjoy fast charging technology. LED indicators will light up whenever it connects to the power.

Fast Charging

Fast and efficient charging is a fact of its functionality. Whether you use one port or all the ports at the same time, fast simultaneous charging is at your service all the time.

Fast, secure, and reliable, are things that you will notice with the first usage. Powerology 65W GaN charger is one charge for all your devices. Your smartphone will be charged from 0% to 65% just in 35 minutes. 65W power delivery makes this charger suitable for MacBook.

GaN Technology

GaN for Gallium Nitride chargers are approximately three times more efficient than regular traditional chargers for converting power into electricity. Thanks to GaN technology Powerology 65w PD Charger is much smaller and more portable plus 10 times faster than other typical chargers. Take this charger anywhere with yourself and still get more power.

Active Protection

We can guarantee the safety of your device due to the active protection embedded in this Powerology 65W GaN wall charger. Protection against different factors leaves no doubts about its safety. No sign of over-voltage, over-charging, over-heating, and short circuits. Your device deserves a fast-charging process in secure conditions. The safety of your device is our main priority.

Suitable for Charging MacBook

As it is two USB-C outputs with 65W power delivery, it can simply charge your laptops. Fast and efficient charging for your laptops at home, in the office, or on the go. Being safe and secure is the most important feature when you want to purchase a charger for your laptop.

Besides the Powerology 65W GaN charger being safe, we can point to fast charging and with a simple conclusion we will find out it is the best choice ever.


  • Smaller and more efficient charging
  • Charges 13" MacBook Pro and below
  • 0%-60% in 35 mins on other devices
  • Built-in Active Protection
  • 65W power Delivery
  • EU & UK Pin


  • Input: AC 100-240V, PD 1 Output: 65W
  • PD 1 & 2 Output: 45W + 18W
  • PD 1 & USB-A QC Output: 45W + 18W
  • PD 2 & USB-A Output: 15W Max
  • PD 1 & PD 2 & USB-A Output: 45W + 15W shared
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