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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 45mm

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 45mm

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Great for work. Great for outdoors.

Made to U.S. military standards, Galaxy Watch5 Pro stands up to active workdays. A titanium case helps withstand outdoor adventures and worksite challenges. The sapphire crystal glass face is 1.6x stronger1 to defend against scratches.

corporate wellness

An exceptional device for staying well

Keep your workforce at their best with Galaxy Watch5 Pro, a premium device designed for activity and goal tracking and so much more. 

Meet your new sleep coach

Develop better sleep habits with Advanced Sleep Coaching that helps you manage your overall sleep quality.2,3

Advanced Sleep Coaching
Body composition analysis (BIA)

Get smarter about your body

Get stats that help you be at your best with body composition info right on your wrist—everything from body fat readings to your Body Mass Index (BMI).4,5

Tracking that’s state of the heart

Get more accurate wellness readings6,7 thanks to an improved, curved sensor that gets closer to your skin.

improved sensor accuracy
Auto Workout Tracking

Track your outdoor adventures

Whether you’re running, swimming or rowing, make the most of every outdoor adventure with Auto Workout Tracking.8,9

A watch that outlasts your adventure

With its improved battery life,10 your Galaxy Watch5 Pro is built to keep going on lengthy adventures in the great outdoors.

Improved battery
Enhanced GPS

Always find your way

Go ahead, run the tougher trail. You’ll always stay on the right path with accurate GPS navigation.

Synced. Ready for adventure.

Stay connected on your adventures when you sync Galaxy Watch5 Pro to your Galaxy mobile devices.11

Galaxy connected experience
Extension of your phone

Your phone on your wrist

Do more when you pair your Galaxy Watch5 Pro to your Galaxy smartphone.12

A look for every workout

Customize your outfit. Galaxy Watch5 Pro will match any mood or look with a wide array of band13 and watch-face choices.

Customize with faces and bands
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